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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs

TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel (left) and Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson at 92nd Street Y

Walter Isaacson, author of a new Steve Jobs biography, spoke with TIME‘s Rick Stengel on January 24 at 92Y about the significance of Jobs’s contributions to the business world and industries he revolutionized.

As compiled on our Storify page, audience members shared their observations and reports on Twitter during the talk. One noted that Stengel asked Isaacson: Could Jobs have been “nicer”? “Maybe his reactions were instinctive,” Isaacson responded, “but when I asked him, he said ‘This is who I am.’”

Here’s what Nick Carbone wrote in TIME Business:

Could a “nicer” Jobs have been as successful? “Could he have put that filter in place and said, ‘I’m going to be just as effective as I am now, but I’m also going to bite my tongue and stop myself’?” [Isaacson] wondered. “That is a fundamental question in life.” If he didn’t quite offer an answer, Isaacson did point to the company’s unusually high retention rate, and suggested that, contrary to conventional wisdom, it was Apple’s culture – not its products – that ultimately set it apart. “Creating a great product isn’t the hard part,” Isaacson said. “The hard part is creating a great company that will continue to create a great product that will be at the intersection of creativity and technology.”

Another interesting piece of information shared that evening: Isaacson informed his next biography might be of Ada Lovelace. Read more reports from audience members on our Storify page.

Related: Google’s Marissa Mayer joins Normal Pearlstine at 92Y on March 27. Get your tickets now.

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Joel Salatin with Dan Barber: A New Kind of Farmer

Joel Salatin (left) with Dan Barber at 92nd Street Y on January 23, 2012

Self-described libertarian, Christian, environmentalist and capitalist Joel Salatin, who had a star turn in the movie Food, Inc., was at 92nd Street Y on Monday with Dan Barber, chef and co-owner of New York’s Blue Hill restaurant and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Their ”top shelf” talk was reported by WNYC’s Amy Eddings:

I was intrigued by Salatin’s call for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing freedom of food choice. “Carve out a spot for artisanal food commerce, like we did for home schooling,” he said. “We have a government that says it’s okay to eat Twinkies and Cocoa Puffs and Mountain Dew, but it’s illegal to drink raw milk and eat compost-grown tomatoes and Aunt Matilda’s pickles.”

He also spoke glowingly of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. He sees the three-year-old organization as the “NRA of food,” going after “overzealous food inspectors” and helping small- and mid-sized farmers like him who are developing dynamic, local food economies.  There’s a lot on the website about raw milk, which I blogged about recently. 

Joel Salatin said “historic normalcy” is a “domestic culintary delight.” Food tastes better. He said that, judging from the number of rock star farm-to-table chefs and sustainable, happy meat butchers, people are already discovering this, He said he wants to take it to the next level.

“I want to see rock star farmers.”

Read more on WNYC.

And here’s more from the evening by a blogger at Early Morning Run.

Explore other Food Talks and To Your Health Talks at 92Y. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
What Would You “Ask The Rabbi”?

imageDo you have questions about Judaism, faith and family, life, or any other concerns? 

You can ask 92Y Rabbi David Kalb next Wednesday, February 1 on the 92Y Facebook page. He’ll be hanging out there periodically all day, ready to answer any questions you have!

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From the Poetry Center Archive: Discovering Mark Strand

Mark Strand’s first appearance at 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center took place back in April of 1965, when he was one of four winners (Robert David Cohen, Jim Harrison and Nancy Sullivan were the others) of that year’s “Discovery” poetry contest, which the Poetry Center continues to oversee to this day. That night, Strand was introduced by Robert Hazel, who praised his poems for “their urgency, released by forms unusually fanciful, unusually skillful. Grace and decorum are valuable qualities here, in their creation of dramatic effects involving a very considerable ironic wit. Best of all, it seems to me, is this poet’s dramatic insight—insinuating and mysterious and with a kind of ardent searching that is very important.”

Today’s featured recording is the entirety of Strand’s reading from that evening. You can download the MP3 here.

Mark Strand returns to 92Y Unterberg Poetry Center on January 30, for a reading with Susan Stewart. Stewart is making her Poetry Center debut, but Strand has been appearing here regularly for more than forty years—for readings with Borges, Paz and Brodsky (to name just a few), as well as Tributes to Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens and Zbigniew Herbert. 


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Dancing In The Cloud/Dancing For Small Screens

If dancing makes you smarter, the Dancing In The Cloud/Dancing For Small Screens panel discussion on January 27, with excerpts from Jacob Krupnick’s new video Girl Walk//All Day, will definitely make you a bit more intelligent than you were previous. Watch an early trailer from Girl Walk//All Day, above.

Dawn Paap, producer of the site VideoDanceTV, will join Richard Daniels, Peter Kyle, and James Garver on the panel, with 92nd Street Y’s Edward Henkel. They’ll discuss dance for small screens and how the forging of new collaborative territory can have a significant impact in creating uniquely personal experiences for the viewer.

In addition, Paap selected excerpts from Girl Walk // All Day for screening and discussion. Looking to “expand the boundaries around the idea of the traditional music video”, Girl Walk//All Day is a 71-minute dance music video of epic proportions, set to the tune of Girl Talk’s All Day.

More info, and tickets, available here.

Read more about Girl Walk//All Day, and Anne Marsen, the dancer seen within, on The New York Times.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
The Julie & Julia Treatment For Francine Segan’s “Shakespeare’s Kitchen”


A blogger at Playing The Cook, “a PhD student specializing in Shakespeare and Renaissance literature in performance” and a “really bad cook”, writes:

For my birthday this year, my brother got me a cookbook - Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook, by Francine Segan. I’ve been trying to do more cooking recently, and hopefully progress a bit past the “throw together a stir-fry” phase that I’m currently in. In order to force myself to put in some time in the kitchen, I’ve decided to do the Julie & Julia thing, and attempt to make every single recipe in the book before the year is out.

We wish him the best of luck, and look forward to his updates. As he noted: “To successfully complete this project, I need to make an average of two recipes per week.”

Here’s a fun blog post documenting his attempt at Renaissance Rice Balls.

If you’d like to try something as fun, but less ambitious, consider joining one of Francine Segan’s World of Tasting talks at 92nd Street. Programs include rich histories and delicious tastings. See all upcoming World of Tasting events

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Remembering Our Colleague Steve Siegel

92nd Street Y’s longtime archivist and librarian Steve Siegel passed away on Saturday. Steve had been at 92Y since 1979. He was the quintessential researcher’s friend, always willing and able to dig up dates and details on all things 92Y-related and beyond. Steve was always a welcoming presence in 92Y’s library; several collections of the library’s books – including Judaica, art, dance, poetry and children’s books – are now housed within those specialty areas in the 92Y building. Steve’s dedication to archival material lives on in the Virtual Poetry Center and in the wealth of material now available on our website. 

We offer our condolences to his family and friends, remember his generosity and love of history, and bid a fond farewell to our colleague. 

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Monday, January 23, 2012
This Week At 92YTribeca

Clockwise from top left: The Telephone Book, Daniel Knox, Delexilio, Story Pirates After Dark

    Mon, Jan 23
  • Daytime: New York Diaries: 1609 - 2009 with Teresa Carpenter. Take a fresh look at the history of NYC over the past four hundred years through the writing of the extraordinary people who’ve lived in or visited Manhattan.
    Tue, Jan 24
  • Daytime: Sister Act Songs and Talk-Back with the cast. Members of the cast of Sister Act (Jerry Zaks, Carolee Carmello and Patina Miller with Adam Feldman), the high-energy Broadway musical comedy, sing favorite songs and talk about what it’s like to bring to life this inspiring story of sisterhood and friendship.
  • Daytime: Behind the Scenes at Print Restaurant with Alexandra Leaf. Join Print Restaurant owner Adam Block on the (winterized) terrace bar and take a tour of the restaurant’s kitchen.
    Thu, Jan 26
  • 92YU: Examined Lives: Socrates to Nietzsche with James Miller. This program includes a round-table lunch discussion with the speaker immediately following the talk.
  • The Joy of Winter Beers with Chris O’Leary
  • Comedy: Story Pirates After Dark. Story Pirates don’t dress as pirates or make anybody walk the plank, but they do steal: they take their inspiration from kids themselves, creating an entire show adapted from stories penned by authors under the age of twelve.
  • Film: VHS Trailer Show 3: Another round of trailers directly off of VHS tapes!

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Coming Soon: Winter Vintage Ball!


Do the cold, dark days of NYC in the winter bring you down? Beat those Winter Blues on January 28 at the Winter Vintage Ball. Dance your way into a different century and feel history come alive in our unique 1929 Buttenwieser Hall ballroom as you learn and enjoy social dances and music from the Victorian era.

Refreshments will be served. Period or formal attire encouraged. See you there.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012
This Week At 92Y

Clockwise from top left: Meredith Vieira, Amy Chua, Cannolis!, Walter Isaacson, Richard Daniels, Peter Kyle, Milton Esterow, Eliot Fisk

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On The Music And Culture Of Terezín

Production of Hans Krása’s children’s opera, Brundibar, in Terezín

Allan Kozinn in The New York Times today:

Over the last couple of decades, musicians have been reconstructing the legacy of composers who spent World War II in Terezin (also known by its German name, Theresienstadt), a garrison city near Prague that the Nazis turned into a concentration camp. About 140,000 Jews were sent there, starting in 1941, including an unusually large number of musicians, writers and painters.

The Nazis allowed these artists to create a cultural life and turned it into a propaganda tool. Terezin, as they presented it to visitors from the Red Cross, was a model camp: musicians gave concerts; children painted pictures and wrote poems. But behind that facade, Terezin’s inmates were used as slave labor in local mines and factories, and most — some 88,000 — were eventually sent to Auschwitz and other death camps.

The 92nd Street Y’s Will to Create, Will to Live: The Culture of Terezin, which opened on Tuesday evening, is an expansive monthlong series devoted to the camp, with concerts by the Nash Ensemble, the baritone Wolfgang Holzmair and the pianists Russell Ryan and Shai Wosner. It also includes panel discussions, readings, children’s programs, a film screening and an exhibition of posters, photographs, art and artifacts. If not for its subject matter, you would call it a festival.

There’s much more; read the full article.

Will to Create, Will to Live: The Culture of Terezín series continues tonight with the Nash Ensemble at 8pm (listen to music samples), and a sold out screening of The Music of Terezín, the first public screening in North America of his celebrated 1992 documentary film on the music created in Terezín.

Learn more at

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Friday, January 20, 2012
Martin Šmok: Terezín in Context


Continuing the important series on the music and culture of Terezín, documentarian Martin Šmok heads to 92YTribeca on January 22 to present a free discussion on the artistic and educational activities within the Terezín camp and the historical conditions which gave rise to them. Learn more about Terezín on You can view documents and maps, posters, videos, and more.

This Sunday, January 22 at 92YTribeca: Terezín in Context, FREE.

Tell your friends about this free event by sharing on Twitter and Facebook!

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92Y Video: Newt Gingrich On Citizens United: It Will Help Middle-Class Candidates


Today is the two-year anniversary of the controversial Citizens United ruling and demonstrators are planning protests at courthouses across the country. Occupy the Courts demonstrations, as they’re being called, are spearheaded by Move to Amend, who wrote on their website: “The Supreme Court is misguided in principle, and wrong on the law.”

In light of this, we wanted to return to Newt Gingrich’s comments on the issue at 92nd Street Y, when he was here for In The News with Jeff Greenfield in 2010. In response to question about Citizens United, Newt explained: “I believe we need to recognize that the effect of virtually all efforts to limit political speech...have crippled middle-class candidates, helped the very rich, and helped big institutions.’ He continued, “I think you’d have a much healthier and freer system if you said any American can give any amount of after-tax income, as long a they report it every night on the internet so everybody else can determine who’s supporting who.” His answer drew applause from many in the audience, but moderator Jeff Greenfield pressed him further.  Watch the video below. 


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Thursday, January 19, 2012
Shababa™ The Concert Is Taking Over The Big Stage!


Shababa™ the Concert is taking over the big stage at 92nd Street Y!

Karina, Rebecca and a live band together with The Shababa™ Mamas and “The Miracle Makers,” a children’s vocal group directed by Rebecca and Mordechai, will perform in Kaufman Concert Hall on February 5! What’s more, the new Shababa™ CD will be released at the hour-long concert. And we’re giving away tickets!

Win 2 tickets to Shababa™ the Concert by visiting the Shababa Facebook page and sharing this poster by using the Facebook “Share” button. Everyone who shares the poster will have a chance at two tickets to Shababa™ the Concert, plus an invitation to the private party with Karina, Rebecca and Coco! Winners will be announced January 31, so get sharing!

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‘Another Event I Won’t Soon Forget’: Sapphire and Sherman Alexie At 92Y

Today’s guest post on poetry readings at 92nd Street Y is by Billy Merrell, author of Talking In The Dark and co-editor of The Full Spectrum, which received a Lambda Literary Award. He serves as Web Developer for, the website of the Academy of American Poets. Merrell visited the Unterberg Poetry Center on Monday, November 21, for a reading by Sapphire and Sherman Alexie:

Caution: video contains profanity

I’ve never seen so many young people at a 92Y event before. I’ve attended close to a dozen of them over the years, from readings to centennial remembrances to interviews with singer-songwriters and graphic designers. Not even at 2008’s sold-out tribute to Maurice Sendak, an event I’ll remember for the rest of my life, did I see as many kids as at the recent readings by Sapphire and Sherman Alexie.

Students from three different New York City high-schools were in attendance (part of the Poetry Center Schools Project), and their presence was felt throughout. When Bernard Schwartz, Director of the Unterberg Poetry Center, announced that the students had met with the writers earlier in the evening and would be receiving free copies of their books, there was a collective cheer. It’s rare to hear such enthusiasm at a poetry event—and this was before the authors had even taken the stage. At that moment, I knew something special was in store, and I was right.


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