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Thursday, July 21, 2011
92Y Link-A-Rama: Lectures & Conversations Edition


::Ricky Gervais is developing a new sitcom. Hear more from Gervais when he comes to 92nd Street Y on November 13.

::South African schoolchildren celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 93 birthday this week. Former Kenyan ambassador Bob Jalang’o is here on October 12 to speak about Mandela and his vital accomplishments.

::National Geographic reports on the Oil Shockwave exercise last week in Washington D. C. On September 22, Dr. Daniel Yergin comes to 92Y to explain the quest for the energy the world needs.

::A team at the University of Virginia have accomplished a breakthrough toward quantum computing. Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at CUNY, is here on September 26 to present revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, quantum physics and space travel. And yes, robots will be taking over the world. Neil Gaiman told us so.

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Beyonce Headlines Glatsonbury 22 Years After Suzanne Vega

A photo of the Glatsonbury stage in 1989

Beyonce’s recent performance at the Glatsonbury music festival has been heralded by many as amazing. called it ”career-defining.” You can watch some of it here.

It was extraordinary. But Beyonce was not “the first female in a quarter of a century to headline the Pyramid stage,” as host Jo Whiley mistakenly claimed. That honor belongs to Suzanne Vega, who headlined the Pyramid stage in 1989 and played with police protection and a bullet proof vest after receiving death threats. Here’s some video footage from that performance, recently shared on the Suzanne Vega Message Board.

In a review of Suzanne Vega’s latest album, the Express called her “the godmother of the current crop of sensitive, eloquent folk-inspired female singers. “

Fans of Suzanne Vega should mark September 25 in their calendars. That’s when she will be appearing at 92nd Street Y along with recording artist Marc Cohn, to join NY1’s Budd Mishkin for an evening of shared stories and a few musical surprises. Tickets are available here.

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