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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Pulitzer Prize Winner Philip Levine Named Poet Laureate

The New York Times reports The Library of Congress has appointed Philip Levine, “best known for his big-hearted, Whitmanesque poems about working-class Detroit,” as the next Poet Laureate. 

Here’s a podcast from his appearance at 92nd Street Y Unterberg Poetry Center in November of 2001. It features the entirety of that reading, which included “On the Meeting of Garcia Lorca and Hart Crane,” “My Father With Cigarette Twelve Years Before the Nazis Could Break His Heart” and “Two Voices.”

Mr. Levine has read at the Poetry Center nine times over the years, most recently in 2009 with Rita Dove.

The 92Y Poetry 2011/12 season kicks off September 26 with Seamus Heaney


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Can’t Find It On Netflix? Try 92YTribeca Film

Screen grab from Time Regained

Sam Adams, writing in the A. V. Club, looks at the push towards streaming movies at Netflix and what that might mean for film viewers. He’s concerned about the erosion of available titles as viewers are allowed more instance options.

As critic and historian Dave Kehr is often moved to point out, the prevailing myth that “everything is on DVD” is hilariously wrong. Every time a new technology takes over, a chunk of film history gets left behind. Movies that were mainstays of undergraduate film classes have been marginalized as colleges and universities zero out rental budgets and build new classrooms that only allow for projection from digital sources.

The post has generated nearly 800 comments. What do you think, are we losing access to films while gaining the ability to watch instantly?

Speaking of, we’d like to point out some films currently scheduled to play at 92YTribeca that are not available on Netflix. This includes Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, An Unmarried Woman, Madame X, Gleaming the Cube, Der Verlorene, Ride the Pink Horse and Time Regained. We’ll see you there.

But before you go, are there any films you’d like to see at 92YTribeca? Let us know in the comments.

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The Perfect Chair/Bassinet Combo For Your New York Apartment


A bassinet that doubles as a rocking chair? Cool space-saving design for tiny New York City apartments. Did you know 92YTribeca’s BYOK (Bring Your Own Kids) concerts double as fun for kids AND adults? (Zing!)

We’ve just announced our lineup of BYOK concerts through early December. They are lots of fun!

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