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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Employee Of The Month Catie Lazarus


Our pal Catie Lazarus – host of Employee of the Month at 92YTribeca on Thursday – talks with the New York Post about how she turned her not-so-dreamy job search into a talk show about dream jobs.

“I could apply and apply for jobs and hear nothing back, but I found I could get informational interviews with just about anyone,” she says.

Thus was born “Employee of the Month,” a “talk show about dream jobs,” where Lazarus, who’s also a comedian and performer, interviews people with enviable careers.

Catie is still looking for a job. “I really just want a writing job,” she told the New York Post. “And I can also do voice-overs.”

Employee of the Month happens August 18 at 92YTribeca and features critically acclaimed performance artist Aurelia Thierrée, documentary filmmaker Julia Bacha and Emmy Award-winner Kevin Clash, best known as the man behind the beloved Sesame Street character Elmo. Plus, music from singer Noam Weinstein. Tickets are available here.

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NY1 Geeks Out With GeekDown


NY1 stopped by 92YTribeca to report on the GeekDown exhibit, where interactive art, video and music are on display at 92YTribeca:

An ultra-funky song cabinet is just one of several pieces of high tech artwork on display at 92YTribeca’s second annual GeekDown, and none of it’s about to pop up in Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel.

“The kind of vision of GeekDown is thinking about new technology specific to computers and digital technology and how does that really meet and combine with creative self-expression. There are sound installations, there’s video art, lots of different things happening in this space,” says Aaron Miller of 92YTribeca.

Among the sound installations is “Tape Translation,” which allows users to manipulate the playback of those old analog cassette tapes, thereby reminding people as to how the endangered species of media works.

Watch the segment here, and check out a fantastic array of photos from the exhibit over at 92YTribeca’s Flickr page.

The exhibit runs until September 9.

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92Y Video: Chef David Ritter’s Beet And Goat Cheese Pasta At The 92Y Cafe

The 92YCafe features dairy kosher cuisine under the strict rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Yaakov Neiman, with day to day operations overseen by Chef David Ritter. The video above features a quick demonstration with Chef Ritter as he prepares his delicious beet and goat cheese pasta. This dish is an occasional special served at 92Y Cafe. See the whole menu here: [PDF]. 

So what are your thoughts on the dish? Does it look delicious, or weird? Let us know in the comments! We can tell you first hand that the dish is scrumptious!

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