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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Social Good Summit: Recap of Day Two

  • The second day of the Social Good Summit started with a much anticipated conversation between Mashable founder/CEO Pete Cashmore and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel who has been giving talks at 92Y for the last 40 years. They discussed Ancient Values and New Media: the Future of Ethics in a Connected World which you can view above, starting around the 4:00 min mark. Wiesel bridged the old and new by saying, “If Moses had technology, the world would be a better place today.” Other notable Wiesel quotes: “Parents must be honest. Nothing is worse for a child than to have hypocritical parents.” and “The world would be a very boring place if it was full of I’s, appreciate humanity and the otherness of others.”

  • Geena Davis, Founder, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Brian Gott, Publisher, Variety discussed Empowering Women and Girls: Hollywood, the United Nations and the Influence of Media. Davis noted that 80% of media comes from the U.S. and we are the ones exporting the negative images of women. One of the most viral quotes of the day came from Davis, according to studies, “We know, for instance, that the more hours of TV a girl watches, the less options she thinks she has.” Watch here

  • Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, made a major announcement by naming tennis superstar Serena Williams as UNICEF’S newest international Goodwill Ambassador. The two sat down with Mashable SVP Content & Executive Editor Adam Ostrow to talk about championing for children. Watch here.

  • Cycling legend Lance Armstrong talked about The Original Social Network: LIVESTRONG Wristbands and Global Good with Doug Ulman, President/CEO of LIVESTRONG and Lance Ulanoff, Mashable Editor in Chief. On fighting cancer through the power of social media, Armstrong said, “Cancer is apolitical, we can do much more outside of politics than in it.” Watch here.

  • Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia professor and director of The Earth Institute and Hans Vestberg, President/CEO of Ericsson discussed 21st Century Education for All in a Networked Society with Stéphane Dujarric, UN Director of News and Media. Sachs offered an astonishing statistic: 100 million primary school age children worldwide are not in school due to poverty. To break the vicious cycle of poverty, they discussed mobile technologies to bridge the gaps in unconnected communities. Watch here.

  • Hans Vestberg was joined by António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Christopher Mikkelsen, Co-founder of Refugees United to continue the conversation on Connecting the Most Unconnected: 43 Million Displaced People Around the World. Watch here.

  • Geena Davis returned to the stage to talk about Women and Girls Lead: Where Storytelling, Gaming and Public Media Converge with Paula Kerger, President/CEO of PBS; Abigail Disney, Executive Producer of Women, War, War & Peace; Asi Burak, Co-president of Games of Change; and Aaron Sherinian, VP of Communications and PR for the UN Foundation. Kerger stated that too few women were in influential positions in media companies to ensure gender equality in media and added, “I would like to hear a man’s voice in indignation about violence against women.” Watch here.

  • GE’s Beth Comstock spoke with Christina Warren, Entertainment Editor at Mashable on Why Openness Is Good For Business and the World. Comstock indicated that one of her goals for GE is to make the company a leader in transparency and to connect with global partners to solve the world’s problems. She announced that GE would facilitate the creation of a “super database” of information about cancer, which she hopes will be completed by a collaborative effort from scientists, drug companies and everyday users. Watch here.

  • Randi Zuckerberg, founder/CEO of R to Z Media and actress/singer Mandy Moore, Ambassador for PSI held an Interactive Facebook Town Hall on Spreading the Buzz to Stop the Spread of Malaria. Wearing shirts that said “Buzzkill,” they note that malaria kills one million children a year, more than AIDS, and urge you to find more info about the Nothing But Nets campaign. Watch here.

  • Senator Timothy Wirth made closing remarks with Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on how the UN is embracing social media to tackle key issues facing the world. Watch here.

    The Social Good Summit continues on Wednesday with a lineup including President Kikwete of Tanzania, Muhammad Yunnus, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Matthew Bishop and many more. Tune into the Livestream here.

    Read a recap of day one, here.

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