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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jesse Eisenberg! See Ya at 92Y!


Actor Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, Adventureland and The Squid and the Whale) recently told us, “The events at 92Y are my favorite thing in the city and my father buys me tickets as a birthday present each year.”

His 28th birthday was on October 5, what do you think his dad got him? Angela Bassett in Conversation with Jordan Roth? Portrait of a Leader: Ariel Sharon? Michael Moore in Conversation with Wallace Shawn? A concert or reading? We don’t know!

In the spirit of this gift giving, Jesse is offering a discount to friends of 92Y and 92YTribeca for his new play at The Cherry Lane Theatre, Asuncion, the story of two sheltered young men forced to confront their ignorance when a young Filipino woman becomes their new roommate. To access these special discounts, use the appropriate codes below when ordering online or calling OvationTix at 212.352.3101.

92YMEM - $40
92YU30 - Under 30 tickets, $25 with valid ID
92YStu - Student tickets, $20 with valid student ID

Dates Available: Oct 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26 at 8 pm; Oct 22 at 2 pm; Oct 23 at 3 pm


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How Can Health Care In America Be Improved?

imageFormer US Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill, Kenneth G. Langone, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, NYU Langone Medical Center, Robert I. Grossman, The Saul J. Farber Dean and Chief Executive Officer, NYU Langone Medical Center, Donald Berwick, chief administrator of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl are coming to 92nd Street Y on October 23. Questions they will address include: What are the most pressing issues to be solved? What are the risks? The costs? How can we respect the patient? What needs to be in place and what should the priorities be?

What questions do you have for the panelists? How do you think health care in America can be approved? Let us know on our Facebook page, and we will submit your questions during the Q&A. If your question is used on stage, you’ll receive two free tickets to an upcoming lecture of your choice, pending availability. So get questioning!

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Alzheimer’s Disease: What We Now Know


Do you have questions about Alzheimer’s disease? Now’s your chance to ask the experts.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and the sixth leading cause of death across all ages in the United States. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that one out of eight Americans over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s disease, and the total number of dementia-related illnesses are expected to double by 2050, being driven primarily by the aging Baby Boomer population and longer life expectancy rates [PDF]. 

Dr. Mary Sano, Director of Alzheimer’s Disease Research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Dr. Linda Levine Madori, professor at St. Thomas Aquinas College and creator of the Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for the Older Population (TTAP Method™), will visit 92Ynd Street Y on November 1 to discuss new ways to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s, including the TTAP Method™ (Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for the Older Population).

If you have questions for either speaker, please submit them in the comments below, and we will forward them for consideration during the Q&A. And don’t forget to share this post with any interested friends on Twitter and Facebook!

[Alzheimer’s Disease: What We Now Know]

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92Y Video: The Jewish Connection: Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah with Rabbi David Kalb

Following other videos on the High Holidays, today Rabbi David Kalb, Director of Jewish Education for the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at 92nd Street Y, discusses Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

Immediately following the last day of Sukkot, we celebrate the holiday of Shemini Atzeret, literally, the Eighth Day of Assembly. Simchat Torah, literally, the Joy of Torah, marks the completion and restart of the yearly cycle of Torah reading. The day is one of the most joyous of the entire year. All of the Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and people march around the synagogue singing and dancing with the scrolls. Children also dance around the synagogue carrying flags and miniature Torahs. These processions around the synagogue are known as hakafot.

Rabbi David Kalb and 92Y wishes all of you a wonderful Simchat Torah!

The Jewish Connection: Sukkot Rabbi David Kalb
The Jewish Connection: Yom Kippur with Rabbi David Kalb
The Jewish Connection: Rosh Hashanah With Rabbi David Kalb

[92Y Jewish Holidays & Celebrations]

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