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Thursday, October 14, 2010
92YTribeca Podcast: Herding Donkeys, Howard Dean and Ari Berman: The Future of the Democratic Party

On October 5, with the midterm elections exactly a month away, The Nation magazine political correspondent Ari Berman talked about his new book Herding Donkeys: The Fight to Rebuild the Democratic Party and Reshape American Politics with Howard Dean which tells the inside story of Dean's visionary yet controversial fifty-state strategy, charts his unpredictable journey from an insurgent presidential candidate in 2004 to the chairman and conscience of the Democratic Party and shows how President Obama's campaign—particularly its groundbreaking embrace of grassroots organizing and activism—built upon Dean's blueprint. The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel moderated the talk. This podcast features the full program.

Don't miss Ari Berman's return to 92YTribeca on October 29 for a Political Shabbat Dinner.

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Friday, February 12, 2010
Living Colour and Their Cult Of Personality Rocks On

image Catapulting out of downtown New York City’s music scene in the 80’s with their hit single Cult of Personality, Corey Glover and Vernon Reid of Living Colour are back with a new album. Last year – two decades after they rocketed to fame, the band released the acclaimed album The Chair in the Doorway and is now in the midst of a bona fide global resurgence. New York Magazine has the scoop:

Reid and Glover met at a birthday party in Brooklyn in 1986. Glover was born and raised in Brooklyn and today lives in Harlem with his wife, a schoolteacher, and two sons. Reid was born in London to a Caribbean family and immigrated to Brooklyn when he was 2. He was given the Jimi Hendrix album Band of Gypsys while a student at Brooklyn Tech High School; he was also a Santana nut after first hearing “Black Magic Woman” on WNEW. These days, he lives on Staten Island with his dancer wife and 6-year-old daughter.

“We got in late last night from our gig in Dallas, and then I had to wake up early this morning and take my boys to school. I came straight to the studio from there,” Glover says backstage, before kicking off his green Pro-Keds for a nap. Reid comes in with a $20 bill someone gave him right out of an ATM. On the back, someone has written obama is a nazi along the borders. “Can you believe this?” he asks, feigning shock.

While rock-history books overflow with references to groups like Television, Talking Heads, Blondie, and the Ramones, little has been documented about pioneering black rock bands PBR Streetgang, 24-7 Spyz, Eye & I, Faith, and J.J. Jumpers, who performed at the same Lower East Side venues. But at the time, there was a scene, spearheaded by a nonprofit called the Black Rock Coalition, which Reid helped to start in 1985. “The price of real estate makes it impossible to repeat,” laments Reid, who spoke at CBGB owner Hilly Kristal’s memorial in 2007. “Nobody can afford just to open some little hole in the wall where bands can develop.”

Read the full article here. And tomorrow, Feb 13, Corey Glover will give a very special intimate acoustic performance at 92YTribeca. Taking a moment away from their world tour, Glover will stretch out his golden pipes in a stripped down setting at 92YTribeca, the day before Valentine’s day. You can expect a love song or two.

Simi, the fearless lead singer/guitarist/violinist of the punk/glam rock band Suffrajett, plays a solo opening set.

[Corey Glover at 92YTribeca]

Upcoming Music Events at 92YTribeca:

  • Game Rebellion: Feb 19
  • Nomadic Wax Presents African Underground: Feb 20
  • Leaders of the New Cool featuring Curren$y, Stalley, Mikkey Halsted, Tiara Wiles, Rich Hil, Skotch Davis, Nero: Feb 24

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