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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
92Y Culture Klatsch Q&A With Kevin Janus


This Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada, and we spent the day being thankful for Canadian comedian Kevin Janus. Kevin’s taking a break from trolling Toronto Blue Jays stats blogs long enough to host The Comedy Igloo this Thursday at 92YTribeca (Oct 13), with special guests Leo Allen and Matt McCarthy. We’re really looking forward to hearing more about Celine Dion and the “Friday Night Lights” season 2 murder plotline.

Super Kevin Janus fans (and stalkers), can get a bigger fix below, with the 92Y Culture Klatsch Q&A With Kevin Janus. That’s where you’ll learn you won’t find him on Facebook. “I’m a conscientious objector to Facebook,” he told us.

Where do you go for news when you start your day?
To keep up with serious Canadian news, like the guy who broke into Celine Dion’s house and took a bath, I follow CTV News on Twitter and read The Toronto Star online.  For more trivial news, I read the print edition of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times online. 

What are your favorite websites?
Honestly, I don’t really go directly to websites anymore.  I follow every one of my favorite websites on Twitter. All 846 of them. One of the few websites I do still visit directly is called Batter’s Box.  It’s a nerdy, stats-heavy Toronto Blue Jays baseball blog. Because yes. Canadians do love baseball. 

How much do you use Twitter and Facebook (or other social networking services)?
I use Twitter all the time.  But I refuse to have a Facebook account.  I’m a conscientious objector to Facebook. I’m sorry, what? No. That’s perfectly consistent. 

What book are you currently reading (or the last one you read)? Print or digital?
Thanks for reminding me. I’m about 45 books behind. They just stare at me from my bookshelf. I’d need to take vacation for the rest of my life to catch up.  That said, I’m currently reading The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History by John Ortved and Inside Jokes: Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind by Hurley, Dennett, and Adams.

What magazines do you subscribe to?
None. I used to read magazines until I was nearly crushed to death by my wife’s September Vogue. We don’t talk about “the accident.”

What are your current (or all time) favorite television shows?
“Game of Thrones” is phenomenal. And right now, I’m watching the entire “Friday Night Lights” series. And yes, I know. You can’t tell anyone you’re watching “Friday Night Lights” without them mentioning that the murder plotline in Season 2 was ridiculous. Agreed. It was ridiculous. Oh, wait. You didn’t mention that the murder plotline was ridiculous? Exception. Proves rule. It was ridiculous.

What’s the last movie you saw?
Moneyball. Brad Pitt played a fantastic Brad Pitt. 

What’s the last performance (dance/opera/theater) you attended?
The Motherf**ker With the Hat. Chris Rock played a fantastic Chris Rock.

What’s the last music purchase you made?
I’m hesitant to answer. This question is very specific as to music “purchase.” I smell a Copyright Cop. I swear to you that every one of my Rush albums was purchased legally… by my friend, Eric. 

What radio shows or podcasts do you listen to?
Toronto Blue Jays broadcasts with Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby. Radio was designed for baseball.

What’s your favorite piece of art on display in your home?
If I told you it’s an abstract depiction of a lake in Canadian cottage country by Canadian artist Vanessa Vaughan, would you believe me?  Or is that too stereotypically Canadian? 

Where do you go / what do you do to “disconnect”?
I love the sun, the beach, and swimming.  So, living on an island is perfect.  Unfortunately for me, that island is Manhattan. 

Hosted by Kevin Janus America’s favo(u)rite Canadian-themed comedy show, The Comedy Igloo, snowstorms the 92YTribeca stage on October 13 with a polite vengeance!

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