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Wednesday, October 05, 2011
92Y Culture Klatsch Q&A With Liam McEneaney


Comedian Liam McEneaney gives us a peek inside the wonderland of his brain in the latest edition of Culture Klatsch. He’s hosting “Liam McEneaney’s Writings with Music,” tomorrow, October 6 at 92YTribeca with special guests Myla Goldberg, Christopher Weingarten, and Kambri Crews. If he’s half as good at asking questions as he is at answering ours, tomorrow night will be seriously fun. We’ll assume (and hope) that Liam will discuss his penchant for pets in funny outfits at length with Mr. Weingarten, founder of Hipster Puppies, tomorrow.

Where do you go for news when you start your day?
I used to go to morning news shows, it doesn’t matter which one because it’s the same show on every channel; because instead of news about the world, I like cooking tips and pets in funny outfits. When I want a view of the world from someone slightly more knowledgeable and informative than the TV news, I like to read Youtube comments.

What are your favorite websites?
As far as I’m concerned, is the only website on the Internet.

How much do you use Twitter and Facebook (or other social networking services)?
Are you asking how often I update @heyitsliam, my personal account? Or are you talking about @tyfcomedy, which is the Twitter handle for my weekly show Tell Your Friends! Or maybe you mean @tyfconcertfilm, which is the Twitter feed for the concert film based on that show?

In any case, I am usually too busy on Youtube, posting my hilarious “7-11 was an inside job” comments to bother with any of that.

What book are you currently reading (or the last one you read)? Print or digital?
Every book is digital if you hold it in your hands. I’m currently reading an autobiography of Tom Baker, of ‘Doctor Who’ fame. I wish I was kidding.

What magazines do you subscribe to?
I like The New Yorker, mostly because having back issues in my apartment tells women who come over exactly who I am: a hoarder of unread magazines.

What are your current (or all time) favorite television shows?
Currently, I like the shows that are also my all-time favorite shows. Right now, I’m really into “Breaking Bad,” not so much because i enjoy it (I don’t), but because it’s hilarious to see the looks on peoples’ faces when I tell them how boring it is.

Actually, on a serious note, “The Wire” is a very good show, and it’s based largely on a very excellent book David Simon wrote with Ed Burns, called The Corner, that was also the basis for a very terrible HBO miniseries. I highly recommend reading The Corner.

What’s the last movie you saw?
An indie arthouse film called The Wedding Crashers, which is a very subversive comedy about two guys who lie and cheat for almost no real reason, make minimal concessions to becoming better people, and end up living lives they richly do not deserve. I started to think about all the plot holes and problems with the film, and then realized I was putting more work into it than anyone involved with the movie.

What’s the last performance (dance/opera/theater) you attended?
As a native New Yorker, I am treated to the very best live theater right on the streets: every morning, a man can throw open his window sash and see people, weaving the rich tapestry of human experience, and acting out the horror, the stammering, and finally, the pleas to for the love of God put on some clothes.

What’s the last music purchase you made?
The last time I paid for music was probably in 2005, for The Clientele’s album, Strange Geometry. Then I got high-speed Internet service.

What radio shows or podcasts do you listen to?
“This American Life,” “All Things Considered,” and “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” are the answers I would give to this question if I were in a Park Slope bar hitting on a pretty girl in glasses. But, I don’t know, are Ed Lover & Dr Dre still on the air?

What’s your favorite piece of art on display in your home?
A hand-painted shirt I bought on eBay from the artist for a dollar. With the cost of shipping, I"m pretty sure he lost money on the deal.

Where do you go / what do you do to “disconnect”?
I spend a lot of time looking at The show listings help me get “in the Zone” (for sex-making). By the way, “InTheZoneForSexMaking” is my Youtube channel, if you want to follow my comment history.

Liam McEneaney is hosting “Liam McEneaney’s Writings with Music,” tomorrow on October 6 at 92YTribeca with special guests Myla Goldberg, Christopher Weingarten, and Kambri Crews.

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