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Friday, July 16, 2010
Passport NYC Shablog: Week 2


Every Friday we’ll be posting a recap of the previous week’s activities in our Passport NYC Camp.

Week 2 has flown by so incredibly fast we can hardly believe it. This week was jam packed with exciting specialty adventures, all camp programs and visitors joining us to see the excitement that is, Passport NYC! We celebrated the 4th of July in two great ways, first by celebrating our First Passport NYC birthday, Happy Sweet Sixteen Amanda and 2nd by helping to decorate and celebrate the 4th with the Senior Citizens of the Jewish Home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It felt so great to bring our Passport NYC community into their home and spread some 4th of July cheer! We got to round the day out by viewing the incredible fireworks display from Riverside Park. Oh did we forget to tell you? We have clean clothes! We had a chance to do our laundry on Monday night which for many was a new experience. Although it was hot, we cooled off with ice cream and games in the laundromat’s outdoor space. Tuesday night we traveled to the Top of the Rock to see what New York City has to offer from way up high. We got an opportunity to share our perspective with one another and appreciate how beautiful New York is from all angles. Wednesday we cheered on the New York Mets in their new Citifield Stadium. We got a warm welcome with Passport NYC in lights on the score board… Too bad the Mets lost to the Cincinnati Reds. Thursday night we hit up Broadway by enjoying West Side Story, a really great way to start the wind down of our week. Now we are back at Friday, wrapping up our 2nd full week of Passport NYC. There is so much more to do, to see and to share in together and we hope that within the next week the sun will remain shining, the cool air will filter in and we will take in our last week of First Session as a large Mishpacha (family) of Passport NYC. We are excited about the week ahead and can’t wait to share it all with you!

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen… Well we took the heat and did some filming in the kitchen in order to get all of our short films and music videos recorded! It was a grueling week toting around heavy equipment, learning how to set up shots and make our scripts come to life… but we did it! Not only was it satisfying mentally but satisfying to our taste buds too with our wrap party and CRUMBS cupcakes. Here are our snapshots from the week behind us as we prepare to dive into the week ahead:

1. Our parents weren’t lying when they told us patience is a virtue.
2. Organization is key. Preparation is key. Complicated ideas, however, are not.
3. It takes A LOT of people to make a film. Just because everyone knows who Steven Spielberg is, but not Justin the sound guy, doesn’t mean Justin didn’t help to win that Oscar!
4. Films are stressful. Very stressful. As Yoni once said, “You won’t feel this much stress, until you take the SAT’s”
5. Expect the unexpected. Whether it rains just as you are about to shoot your scene in Central Park, or you lost your character’s costume right before the shoot, you need to be prepared for whatever comes at you.
6. Stay optimistic. Be like the Vuvuzela guy and ROOT FOR EVERYTHING! Look him up on

Next stop editing… fingers crossed the stress is in the cinematography and not the editing process.

Now that we are getting a better understand for the Music Industry and all it’s working parts we are beginning to take notice of the world around us, the New York of Music and we are able to relate it to our own personal interests within the industry. This week we’re highlighting not only what we learned but also what we are experiencing and seeing through our new Passport NYC lens…

1. Street Musicians are way more knowledgeable (and some more talented) than we give them credit for.
2. “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” says the CEO and President of Universal Republic Records, Monte Lipman.
3. It’s pretty great to watch Christina Perri audition for a Universal Republic record deal.
4. It takes a lot of work to produce a song from start to finish… and only in 7 hours!
5. Making beats and remixing songs on Garage Band takes a lot of effort and some serious patience!

We are excited to see what week 3, our final week holds in store for us… and we look forward to sharing the conclusion to our Passport NYC experience with you!

We didn’t realize it could get better than last week… but then it did! In class we moved from our boxer shorts to tote bags, mood boards to detailed sketches and the 4/5 train to the 6, to the crosstown bus, to the 1 to the 2/3 all in one morning! We are learning so much from our Lead teacher Lee, the site visits that we have participated in and of course from each other. Week 3 is going to be very busy in the classroom but a whole lot of fun as we culminate our Passport NYC Fashion experience. Here’s what we got this week:

1. Visiting Michael Kors showroom (and even catching a glimpse of the Fashion Icon himself)
2. Meeting the Editors of Elle Magazine (and some of the cast from MTV’s The City)
3. Spending time with Joseph Abboud and viewing his showroom collection
4. Exploring SoHo thrift stores and running into music artist, Kid Kidi
5. The completion of our boxer and handbag projects in class!

This week we explore the art of designing and creating skirts and shirts. We look forward to showing off our Fashion collection at Friday’s Passport NYC specialty showcase!

Top Chef here we come… this is no joke- we have stepped up our skills in the kitchen and are excited to share all of our creations when we return home. But you’ll just have to hold onto your plate because there is still one more week of learning to come and we are salivating just thinking about it. What’s also making us salivate is the thoughts of all the incredible food we created and ate throughout this week. Let us share in words:

1. We made apple pie from scratch! We got to chop apples, prepare the dough and decorate our own pies- that were melt in your mouth delicious!
2. We visited Jean George to see how science plays a big part in cooking- so cool!
3. We visted SuperSol (where breakfast and dinner comes from) to learn about where our Kosher food comes from.
4. We enjoyed a tour of the whole Gramercy Tavern Restaurant. They let us see how a pig is butchered and what the whole assembly line does in the cooking process.
5. It was amazing to prepare a vegan, healthy meal made up of tofu, temhte and a roasted pepper salad… and it was delicious too!

We also can not leave out today’s visit to Blue Hill Stone Farms where we got to tour the facility, meet the live stock and learn about how local farmers impact the food industry. The rain held off and we enjoyed being together just a bit outside the city! We can’t wait for next week and what else Julie and Ygael have in store for us in the kitchen.

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