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Friday, July 23, 2010
Passport NYC Shablog: Week 3


Every Friday we’ll be posting a recap of the previous week’s activities in our Passport NYC Camp.

Shabbat Shalom and welcome to the Passport NYC First Session Finale Shablog! We really can not believe how quickly these three weeks have flown by. It was just yesterday we were wearing name tags trying our hardest to put our best foot forward to meet new people and match names to faces. Look where we are now…tears building up as we pack bags, clean dorm rooms and prepare for our final Havdalah service together. We’ve celebrated three Shabbats within our Mishpacha and it’s hard to believe that this Passport NYC family will be saying goodbye tomorrow. This has honestly been an incredible experience. A dream that has come to life (Alan Saltzs’ dream to be exact). This community that we have developed is made up of 60 different personalities. 60 individuals who have learned to accept one another for who they are. They have learned to appreciate one another and most of all learned to learn from one another. To have had the opportunity to watch you all develop the skills that you have, over the past three weeks is remarkable. Your passion for your specialties, for life and for each others success is inspiring. We admire each and every one of you and could not be more proud of the accomplishments that you have showcased, not only in our Specialty Showcase but throughout your entire Passport NYC experience. We hope to have you join us once again in the summers to come! Please keep in touch, And hopefully throughout the winter months we will make appearances within your home towns to visit with you, your family and your friends! With much love and appreciation to our pioneer families, We wish you a fabulous rest of your summer! And, don’t you worry- there will be more Shablogs to come during the 2nd Session…

In our last days at Passport NYC the Film specialty has decided to compile a list of “Top Things About This Summer…”
1. Crying in animated movies is perfectly acceptable
2. Deadlines, while annoying, are also necessary if you ever want to finish anything.
3. A film-maker needs to be able to take constructive criticism.
4. A film is written three times, in the writing of the screenplay, the actual shooting and the editing.
5. Never give up. Make like John Lassiter-if they ever fire you, take over their company.
6. A good folly artist is never recognized. Who knew the sounds of pigeons in movies is really just a feather-duster?
7. Don’t be afraid to express new ideas “thinking out of the box is a cliché for a reason, you know.
8. A stressful movie set is a normal movie set.
9. Negativity is the death of creativity.
10. Just because your film is made off of a tiny budget doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad. Money doesn’t make art, however, if you own $2000 chairs, you probably are pretty great at your job.
11. Teamwork is key. Whether you’re a boom operator or the executive producer, you need to be cooperative and a team player.
12. After seeing all the work put into making a film we’re never going to talk in a movie again… even that predators movie.
Thanks for sharing a filmtastic 3 weeks with us!


Live from the last week of Passport NYC Music Specialty…The MUSIC TOP TEN:
10. You can find success in the industry in both large corporations and tiny independent labels.
9. Everybody we met had valuable information
to share about the music industry and great advice to give.
8. No matter your interests or skills, there is a job for you in the music industry.
7. Even a short time spent volunteering can make a huge difference.
6. Hearing a song and listening to a song are two very different things.
5. Respecting and being informed about all genres of music is very important for success and growth as an artist.
4. Connections and reputations are vital in the music industry.
3. Professionalism is key to making the best first impressions.
2. Trust your talent and work hard to achieve your goals.
1. This camp was a great opportunity to learn about ourselves and music.
P.S. Revolving doors are NOT playgrounds.


In our last edition of the 1st Session Shablog we thought it only be appropriate that we each add our 2 cents…as that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, so here are the things we’ve learned at PPNYC
Eliana- There are other people who all have similar interests.
Elise- How to sew. Learning to sketch and make my own outfits.
Talia- How to use a sewing machine. Everyone has their own personal style and views. If you apply yourself anything can be done and you can
achieve your goals.
Teddie- Individual strengths and what we really want to do in the industry.
Carly- Enjoyed how we all made the same things but they were all different because of our
Adam- Seeing Michael Kors, Kid Cudi and becoming a better sketcher.
Jenny O- Liked going to different places and learning different aspects of the industry to figure out what you want to be when older.
Mia- Learned that you have to take risks in life to get somewhere. If you’re just average you won’t get anywhere.
Robyn- Favorite thing was watching us grow. We’re all so talented with all different strengths. Really happy for us all. Tells us to shoot for the stars and follow our dreams.
Judy- Over the past weeks, we all grew, made new friends, watching us change and improve, sketch and sew. We’ve all mastered the sewing machines. We all take the subway and most of us haven’t ever before.
Tori- Ever since I was little I wanted to be in fashion. I learned what to do and to improve, so I can get into the industry.
Charlotte- Inside look on the industry, Elle, Michael Kors. Learn from all the people in the industry, live in NYC. Learn what to do to get into the industry.
Lisa- Learned to be yourself with professionals, always be you. Not be afraid to talk to professionals and get out there. Confidence. How to use the subway and network.
Jayme- In the beginning, I was super homesick. I got to know everyone and felt like a family. Not home sick anymore. Learned to sew, loved Elle because we got to learn about the industry.
Sammie- I loved getting to learn to sew and sketch! We became our own little fashion mishpacha. We’ve all become so close and I’ve made lifelong
friends. We have all enjoyed the fashion program with PPNYC and will miss each other and the Passport NYC family greatly!

Our 3rd and Final week is wrapping up and we were given the great honor of preparing and serving all of our Passport NYC friends and now family the last Shabbat Dinner of the first session. It was a challenging experience but an awesome and delicious opportunity. We look forward to hopefully sharing these recipes and culinary skills we have learned with all of our friends and family at home. For now, here are our PPNYC thoughts from the summer in regards to camp and the culinary world… Before camp, I was scared to death because I had never cooked anything before. When my mom told me to help her out in the kitchen I would get bored and quit. Now I enjoy cooking and I am looking forward to cooking for my family at
home. – Orly

My three favorite thing this session were:
1. Meeting Marc Murphy and visiting his restaurant LandMarc.
2. Meeting Dave Lieberman
3. Going to Jean George and meeting Jonny Husieni

This experience was so amazing! Having been exposed to a professional. Culinary life was demanding and exciting at the same time. Meeting professional chefs exposes us to how tough it is to be such a pro and how many things you sacrifice for the things you love. This course is amazing in every aspect. – Denise

From this experience I learned how to make a simple, healthy meal that doesn’t require taking something out of a box – Jennie D

In this camp, I advanced my cooking skills and learned what it was like to be in a professional kitchen. I had a blast working in this camp. –David

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gained such a tremendous amount. I couldn’t have expected to leave gaining as much as I have! I’ve gained knowledge, I’ve gained skills and I’ve gained
friends. Most of all I’ve gained experiences. Experiences that I will take with me to guide me, no matter what I plan on doing in my life. The experiences I’ve gained are so valuable and are
unforgettable! I’m so happy, proud and thankful for what I was able to gain over such a short period of time. –Jacob S

During my time at Passport NYC, I learned my way around the kitchen with new knife skills and knowledge. But more than that, I fell in love with food! Every dish we create inspires me to try
something new- it’s a never-ending process that is extremely rewarding (for the soul and the stomach!) Thank you! I had a fantastic time at Passport NYC! –Avery

This camp was so awesome. I learned how to cook delicious meals and they’re so easy, I experienced working with professional chefs in a professional kitchen. I met amazing people and visited extravagant places. Most importantly, I saw NY in a completely different way. I’m gonna miss this place. – Jay

Passport NYC was a fun and rewarding experience. In the culinary program, not only did I learn crucial cooking skills and how to cook delicious recipes, but I also had the chance to take a look at all the aspects of the food business, from the farm to the kitchen. Even though I don’t see a culinary career in my future, I developed a new hobby and had a
great time! – Alvaro

Passport NYC has truly been a life changing experience. The chance to live in the true hustle and bustle of the city and to visit so many restaurants and chefs has truly given me a true perspective on my future. One reason I joined this program was to experience life in NYC and see if I could live here. And I can. More importantly, I wanted to see if I wanted to have culinary as my future occupation. I do. I also realized my love for the art of pastry and have decided to pursue it as my future career. I would not be the same person, Jew and chef that I am today. These three weeks have been hard and fun at the same time. An opportunity to strengthen my future has just passed and I am so happy and fortunate to have participated. -Jesse

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