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Friday, May 15, 2009
The Ethicist Meets Clinton


Kate Clinton is a faith-based, America-loving political humorist and author, with a career spanning over 25 years. Clinton has worked through economic booms and busts, Disneyfication and Walmartization, gay movements and gay markets, lesbian chic and queer eyes, and ten presidential inaugurals. She believes that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime and scoundrel time. She is not afraid to rock the boat. Calling for a ”general gay work slowdown” if Prop 8 passed in California, she declared:

If we do not defeat Prop Hate, I say November 5th we call for a general gay work slowdown. Decorators will do deliberately bad, possibly dangerous feng shui. Hairdressers will mistakenly lay hot curling irons down on ears. Social workers will give bad advice, “Your father sounds like a great guy. Show him some love.

On Kate’s new book of essays, I Told You So, Richard Burnett of Hour magazine wrote:

Had I written a blurb - I forgive you, Kate - I would have wrote, “The most stupendous, most inspired collection of mind-blowing thoughts and gut-busting essays by the coolest, most stunning, most fabulous 61-year-old dyke hottie on planet Earth - hell, the whole f**king universe!”

It seems safe to count Burnett as one her adoring fans. We know there are many other fans out there, and we count ourselves as one. On June 11 Kate is coming to the Y to be interviewed by Randy Cohen, another writer and humorist who might be better known as The Ethicist at the New York Times Magazine. We can’t wait to hear Kate ask Randy about the ethics of discrimination and hate. The Times can put it in The Ethicist!

Upcoming Events:

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  • Danny Hoch: Jun 4
  • Girls Like Us with Patricia Bosworth, Sheila Weller, Judith Warner, Joanna Smith Rakoff and Emily Gould: Jun 8
  • Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche in Conversation with Daniel Goleman: Jun 22

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