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Thursday, May 12, 2011
The (Tentatively Named) 92Y Culture Diet Q&A With Constance Rosenblum

imageFor New Yorkers, The New York Times‘ City section was once a favorite part of Sunday afternoons. Constance Rosenblum was editor of The New York Times‘ City section and is our latest subject of The (Tentatively Named) 92Y Culture Diet Q&A. That’s how we learned Constance does not use Twitter or Facebook and is “devastated that “Mad Men” hasn’t yet returned.” Read the full Q&A below.

Next Wednesday, May 18, she’ll join David Masello and Leslie Nipkow at 92YTribeca to share and discuss some of the best writing the City section inspired. 

Where do you go for news when you start your day?

Having worked for more than two decades at The New York Times, not surprisingly, that’s my first choice in the morning, and I check the home page a dozen times a day. Or more.

What are your favorite websites?

Like lots of journalists, I’m addicted to Romenesko for media gossip and more substantive stuff. I increasingly enjoy the Architect’s Newspaper (not even sure if there’s a paper version, but the website is very rich). and as a writer for the Times‘s Real Estate section, I regularly check into various real estate blogs, both to keep up and because they’re always fun.

How much do you use Twitter and Facebook (or other social networking services)?

Not at all.

What book are you currently reading (or the last one you read)? Print or digital?

Just finished Mutual Contempt by Jeff Shesol, a fascinating account of the relationship between Bobby Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Also recently read Jim Rasenberger’s examination of the Cuban missile crisis, The Brilliant Disaster, which I highly recommend even if you don’t think you’re interested in the subject. Am happily plowing through the collected letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill, which is the size and weight of a brick but great and my tip of the hat to the royal wedding media extravaganza. All print versions, though I love my new Kindle.

What magazines do you subscribe to?

The New Yorker
(forever), New York magazine (ditto), Metropolis

What are your current (or all time) favorite television shows?

Still devastated that “Mad Men” hasn’t yet returned; am counting the days. Also anxiously awaiting Season 2 of “Downton Abbey,” though I realize it’s a little melodramatic. Hopelessly addicted to “Law and Order: U.K.” with those great British accents and wish it were on every night.  Getting to love “Law and Order: L.A.,” mostly because of Alfred Molina. Pretty addicted to Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC and of course to Rachel Maddow.

What’s the last movie you saw?

La Doppia Ora (The Double Hour). Very cool Italian thriller (sort of a thriller).

What’s the last performance (dance/opera/theater) you attended?

Black Watch at St. Ann’s Warehouse, an utterly brilliant take on war in the Middle East, and even more gripping that Arcadia, next-to-last performance I saw, which was almost better the second time around.

What’s the last music purchase you made?

Haven’t bought anything (my husband is the main music buyer in the family), but we’ve been to a bunch of concerts at City Winery, including most recently Johnny Clegg, Marshall Crenshaw and Bruce Cockburn.

What radio shows or podcasts do you listen to?

Nearly anything on FUV.

What’s your favorite piece of art on display in your home?

An original print by Ralph Fasanella depicting the New York City of his imagination—lots of literal details but incorporated into a sort of dreamscape so it’s not quite the city we know. It’s a haunting image, something you can look at endlessly.

Where do you go / what do you do to “disconnect”?

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, literally outside my door. Always beautiful and tranquil and restorative.

Join Constance Rosenblum Next Wednesday, May 18 with David Masello and Leslie Nipkow at 92YTribeca for More New York Stories: New York Times Writers on Their Love Affair with the Big Apple


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