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Wednesday, May 04, 2011
The (Tentatively Named) 92Y Culture Diet Q&A With Tom Blunt


Meet the Lady host Tom Blunt is today’s subject of the (Tentatively Named) 92Y Culture Diet Q&A*, where we pry into the media and cultural consumption habits of our friends! In this Q&A we’ve learned, among other things, that Mr. Blunt refreshes the Drudge Report all day and thinks Edith Zimmerman, editor of The Hairpin, is an evil genius.

Read the whole thing below.

Where do you go for news when you start your day?

I start reading MetaFilter on my phone in the morning before my contact lenses are even in, while I’m still laying there. MetaFilter is a heavily-moderated community blog where people post the best of everything: art, science, politics, current events, nonsense, everything.

What are your favorite websites?

These are the ones I refresh all day:

Drudge Report. I hate to contribute to Matt Drudge’s pageviews, but I have a psychotic need to know what the right-wingers are talking and thinking about.

The Hairpin. It’s the sister-site of The Awl. The editor, Edith Zimmerman, is an evil genius.

Paula Young Wigs. When I’m feeling down, I turn to Paula Young’s cheerfully bland wig models for inspiration. Look, there’s a new line of wigs inspired by “Dancing With the Stars!”

How much do you use Twitter and Facebook (or other social networking services)?

Twitter is basically the internet equivalent of those “circus peanut” candies—empty calories and not even that much fun to consume. Facebook has a slightly wider range of functions, and I use it to aggregate all the content I produce elsewhere on the web. Much to my friends’ delight, I’m sure… whatever, they can always hide me if they want!

What book are you currently reading (or the last one you read)? Print or digital?

I’m reading Laura Bush’s memoir, Spoken From the Heart, in actual book form. She’s definitely a much better writer than, say, Rosalynn Carter. Anyhow, it’s all research for our May 20th show at 92YTribeca, which is all about First Ladies; everyone in the audience gets a homemade Laura Bush mask, cut out from the book’s cover.

What magazines do you subscribe to?

For some reason I receive New York magazine in triplicate. I ought to call them and stop the duplicates, but I’m afraid they’ll notice that I haven’t paid anything for three years and they’ll stop sending them entirely. Mostly I’m really into catalogs; I never buy anything, I just read them from cover to cover. The ones I look forward to the most are Oriental Trading Company, Autom, and (of course) Paula Young.

What are your current (or all time) favorite television shows?

I don’t follow a lot of television now—nothing will live up to Melrose Place in its heyday. I love “Weeds” and “Big Love,” and I would really like for them to overlap somehow and just become one big show—not a very far-fetched idea, if you think about it.

What’s the last movie you saw?

I recently went to Anthology Film Archives for a screening of Scum of the Earth, a 1963 Herschell Gordon Lewis exploitation film about the porno industry. Apparently no one is safe.

What’s the last performance (dance/opera/theater) you attended?

The Shells Show at Joes Pub. Every month Shells attempts a serious cabaret set, but it always devolves into drunk-dialing and unintentional nudity. I never miss a show.

What’s the last music purchase you made?

I bought the single ”Yankin” (warning: language) by an Atlanta rapper named Lady. Otherwise I get lots of free stuff from publicists (I work as a freelance writer) so mostly I just listen to that and pretend I have great taste.

What radio shows or podcasts do you listen to?

iTunes has an incredible radio station called “International Rare Groove” which I listen to constantly. I write down all the songs I like, and then post them to Facebook so I can maintain the impression that I have great taste.

What’s your favorite piece of art on display in your home?

I have a huge print of Goya’s ”Saturn Devouring His Son” hanging up over my bed.

Where do you go / what do you do to “disconnect”?

I take long bike rides every chance I get. I especially like to follow the edges of Newtown Creek and look for wildlife—so far I’ve seen egrets, skunks, and raccoons. I also practice Wing Chun kung fu.

Meet the Lady meets monthly at 92YTribeca and looks at a different theme each time, with rarely screened clips, a blog, a found photo archive, live performances and interviews. The next Meet The Lady: First Ladies, happens on May 20.

*Tentatively named because we still need a name! Some names submitted on Facebook or by colleagues include, ‘Culture Kaffeeklatsch’, ‘Devices and Desires,’ ‘Culture Chomp,’ ‘Culture Klatsch,’ and ‘Out of the fog and into the zone.’ What’s your suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit 92YTribeca Film online and follow 92YTribeca Film on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join their eNews list.

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