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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
What You Missed: Carol Leifer in Conversation with Jerry Seinfeld


Part of our Funny People series, Carol Leifer and Jerry Seinfeld took the stage at the 92nd Street Y last night (pictured above) for a long and humorous discussion about themselves, their careers and family. The Huffington Post’s Jane Levere was there and has a full report:

Seinfeld admitted his comedy gene has been inherited by at least one of his three children, his eight-year-old daughter, Sascha. “The other day, I was looking at her homework, and she kind of does me, and it’s a very funny situation. I said, ‘There’s a misspelled word.’ And she goes, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ Are you kidding me? Sarcasm at eight?” he said.

...According to Seinfeld, “all the great comedians you see are deadly serious about what they do. They’re not joking when they’re working. Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the most serious people about his craft of anybody I’ve met. All the great ones, Jay, Letterman, it’s taking it extremely seriously, realizing it seems like fun and games, but there’s a precision to it that’s very unforgiving and kind of treacherous. It took years for us to kind of learn that.”

Asked what advice he would offer an aspiring comedian, Seinfeld suggested that being a comedian is “kind of like being a murderer. No matter what people tell you, you’re gonna do it anyway. It has to be, ‘I’m doing this, I don’t care.’ If you have that kind of attitude, that you really don’t care what the consequences are, then you have a chance. Because it’s just plain difficult. There’s no comedian that does not have nights that make you feel like a completely worthless human being, and then you have to go back the next night and pretend that didn’t happen. It stings a little.”

Seinfeld also discussed his new primetime reality TV show, “The Marriage Refs,” announced by NBC in February.

Read more at HuffPo.

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